Commercial Demolition Grant Program

Cities in Palo Alto County have established a new Commercial Demolition Grant Program to offset demolition costs for commercial property owners within the cities’ corporate limits.  Eligible commercial property owners may receive up to $5,000.00 towards actual commercial demolition costs.

Inspiration for this grant program came from discussions with an area city council member and board members of the Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation (PACGDC).  Glen Simonson, PACGDC board member explained, “The presence of deteriorating commercial buildings in a community adversely affects job creation, economic growth, and morale.  Oftentimes, these older buildings contain asbestos which can significantly increase the cost of demolition.  By assisting property owners in demolishing these deteriorating buildings, it helps improve the quality of life for all of us.”  To lessen the burden of government, this grant program is currently funded by the Palo Alto County Gaming and Development Corporation. 

Anyone interested in demolishing a commercial building should contact their city clerk for additional details regarding this grant program.