County Announces Watershed Septic Improvement Grant Program

The Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors have established a new grant program to improve septic systems in the watersheds of Five Island Lake, Lost Island Lake, and Silver Lake.  Property owners within these watersheds in Palo Alto County may be eligible to receive a Watershed Septic Improvement Grant up to $5,000.00 towards the actual repair/improvement/replacement costs of an existing or non-functioning septic system.

Inspiration for this grant program came from discussions with Joe Neary, Palo Alto County Sanitarian, and board members of the Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation (PACGDC).  Skip Wallace, PACGDC board member explained, “This is all about water quality improvement.  This program is aimed at improving the watersheds across our county and in our lakes.  By assisting homeowners in upgrading their septic systems, it helps improve the water quality for all of us.”  To lessen the burden of government, this Watershed Septic Improvement Grant Program is currently funded by PACGDC. 

For more information regarding eligibility or to obtain application forms, please contact the Palo Alto County Auditor’s office (712-852-2924) or Palo Alto County Sanitarian’s office (712-852-3058).