Update on Community Demolition Grant Program

To date, the city clerks in Palo Alto County have submitted 27 applications from residents for funding to demolish residential structures, totaling approximately $97,000, according to Palo Alto County Gaming and Development Corporation. All communities in Palo Alto County have grant application programs providing residents up to $5,000 to assist in tearing down residential structures in poor condition. It is funded through grant dollars provided to the communities from PACGDC.

The City of West Bend leads the demolition program, with six completed demolition projects. Also, Ruthven and Graettinger have completed five projects each. In addition, Emmetsburg has completed four demolitions, with several other demolition projects pending. PACGDC President, Renee Jedlicka said she is very pleased with the success of these city grant initiatives. “We will be curious to hear from the city clerks whether they believe more applications will be coming into their residential demolition programs. We also want to remind residents that the cities have programs to grant up to $15,000 for new home construction in Palo Alto County, too.”

For more information, contact your local City Clerk at City Hall.